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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 8, 2000  2:34 pm
Subject:  Re: Help to develop a LUC/GIFs 'What is your name?'

>My intention is, to find a common base to present different SIGNINGS
>(language-dependent) through SIGNWRITING (LANGUAGE)
>(language-depentent) by storing in so called LUC (whether you call
>it code or language or what ever), so that it is quite easily
>presentable in languages like English or German through ASCII or
>UNICODE or ...
>waiting for GIFs...


SignWriting List
February 8, 2000

OK Marc ;-)

You have now received two .GIF's for the sentence "What is your name?
in American Sign Language. I hope this helps.

Translation systems between languages are vitally important and I
admire you for taking on such a difficult task.

I remember years ago, programmers telling me that it was impossible
to create a computer program that would translate between languages,
but recently other List members have pointed out to me that you can
now do quick translations between certain language right on the web -
and some people have done that with email messages - which I think is
truly impressive - so the programmers who said it was impossible
years ago were actually not thinking "futuristically" clearly
innovation always gives the human race surprises..

So please keep doing your work....we need surprises!

And we benefit from them too ;-)

Best -

Val ;-)

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