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From:  Marc Bode
Date:  Mon Feb 7, 2000  8:40 pm
Subject:  Re: Help to develop a LUC/GIFs 'What is your name?'

"..ich koennte mir die Haare raufen..!"
My try to develop a method for practical communication exchange between people
of different languages seems to get stuck already before beginning the
development: People do not understand each other although seeming to
speak/write the same language (English - Do not tell me now, that you are
speaking American English!).
I feel like the man in the following story:
A hungry man from South America is walking into a restaurant in North America
and asks for an egg...first he is asked:"fried or cooked?"..then "with salt or
without"..then "one side fried or two?"...then "white and yellow
separated?" takes endless time, he being in a hungry state:"Why can't you
just serve an egg against my hunger?" ("nach Art des Hauses")

So, please, send me just oen (misstyping of ONE just another example, that you
should understand out of the context, without me being "right") or two GIFs for
"What is your name?", 30 might be better !

Talking on a University-level is boring!
It is just one of the reasons why I left Germany and lived for about one year
in Colombia with a community called "Atlantis" in the rainforest, cultivating
vegetables and fruits and dealing with each other on an everyday-level. There
is not much space for argueing every detail of life, if you are depentent on
working selfsufficient.

Living for a while in Taganga in a family with a deaf child of 3 years,
reminded me of my old idea. It is a practical need!

I will try to formulate more correct in the following sentences and differ
To understand SIGNING, it helps a lot, to read the signing again when no
helping person is available...
So for this reason I would like to USE SIGNWRITING.

To Charles Buttler:
I did not want to intrigue! I hope that you understand the MEANING of my
attempt, without me having to discuss weeks and month and years, how to define
it (by using only clearly defined expressions).
I am not interested in "hairsplitting".
May be, I have to rename LUC into UMC=Universal Meaning Code(but does not sound
so good!).
May be, you call it another language )by definition). For me it is just a code,
hardly direct readable by anybody.
Your example with Inuit is great!
That is exactly the point! I do NOT want a direct translation of words!! I want
the meaning! In some cases it might be difficult to present the meaning in
another language, possible, it needs a whole little booklet - or just the
original name...
But as you mention this, not only tribes are different - it is every person,
who FEELS different and thinks of different things when talking about some
words in the same language. The old problem: Try to explain a blue sky to a
blind person!
!!! Some people just DO IT through an attempt by describing the connected
feelings !!!

To Valerie Sutton:
More clearly I have to differ: I was disappointed about discovering, that
different SIGNINGS between deaf people in the world is usual. (If I would have
thought more deeply about it, it would have been obvious before.)
I was very happy about discovering, that your SIGNWRITING (LANGUAGE) can be
used for presenting these different SIGNINGS.
So SIGNWRITING IS one part of a system I AM looking for!!!

My intention is, to find a common base to present different SIGNINGS
(language-dependent) through SIGNWRITING (LANGUAGE) (language-depentent) by
storing in so called LUC (whether you call it code or language or what ever),
so that it is quite easily presentable in languages like English or German
through ASCII or UNICODE or ...

waiting for GIFs...

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