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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Tue Feb 8, 2000  12:38 pm
Subject:  Re: Someone to write to

At 03:29 02/05/2000 GMT, you wrote:
> Mark -
> Recall that I'm on the list too and that we're working on sister (or at
> least cousin) sign languages (Taiwan Sign Language and Japanese Sign
> Language), so you and I could write something to each other. I have a large
> collection of JSL books (but not a lot of time to read them). We could at
> least compare notes, like: what are your signs for, e.g., family
> relationships. "If you'll show me yours, I'll show you mine." Deal?
> - Wayne in Maine
It's a deal! Just remember that I'm way behind you on the learning curve,
so it might take some time for me to get my answers together. But it will
be good. I just took another peek into the dictionary you sent me a while
back--I feel like I can guess the meanings of a lot of the words, even
though the Chinese means nothing to me.

Thanks so much,


Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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