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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Feb 14, 2000  2:13 pm
Subject:  Re: Question about A-dot handshape

On 2/14/00, Wayne in Maine wrote:
> I'm having trouble deciding how to write various TSL signs which employ
>the "a-dot" handshape, i.e. the a-handshape with the thumb fully extended to
>the side.


SignWriting List
February 14, 2000

Hello Wayne -
Thanks for your question.

The handshape with only the thumb sticking straight to the side is
not an easy handshape.

Here is the trick I use to know which palm facing to use:

1. Place your hand in the position you want, with the thumb going
intuitively in the correct direction ;-)

2. Then open the fist into a flat hand, keeping the thumb exactly where it is.

3. What is the palm facing of the flat hand? Use that palm facing for
the square with the thumb sticking out.

4. So whenever you write that handshape, base the palm facing on a
flat hand in the same position.

Here is an example:
Type: image/gif
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