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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Feb 14, 2000  2:53 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing Hearing Person's Gestures

On 2/11/00, Don & Theresa G wrote:
>For example, I remember one
>woman talking about looking in her rear view mirror, and as she was thinking
>or speaking of the mirror, she pointed to the space where a mirror would be
>if she were sitting in the car. I believe I used Stokoe Notation for my
>transcription, but Sign Writing probably would have worked just as well
>(maybe better) for it. Don Grushkin


On 2/11/00, Joe Martin wrote:
>David McNeil's research lab at the University of Chicago comes immediately
>to mind. There is currently a lot of interest in "gesture studies" now,
>largely due to his pioneering work. "Gesture" in this case refers only to
>those physical movements that accompany speech. McNeil has shown how
>these are inseparably linked to speech, in our brains.


SignWriting List
February 14, 2000

Thank you Don and Joe, for the above comments. "Looking in the rear
view mirror" sounds like a very visual, almost "mime-like" gesture to
write - that is exciting that you wrote that Don, and would
be easy and visual to write in SignWriting.

And Joe, a lot of people do not realize that SignWriting is a part of
a much larger notation system: Sutton Movement Writing. If you saw
some of the other dance notation systems, I bet you would be
surprised. Labanotation, for example, uses nothing but triangles and
squares to represent the human body - totally "non-visual".

Meanwhile writing body language and gesture in our Movement Writing
system is very intuitive, visual and easy to read...

I suspect David McNeil just doesn't realize that this tool is
available to him - but that is OK! We have enough to do just writing
signed languages and working with Deaf children! ;-)))

Have a great day everyone!

PS. Joe - I am working on posting your article comparing Stokoe
notation with SignWriting right now ;-)) It may be another day or so
before I have something to show you....
Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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