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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Feb 16, 2000  7:46 pm
Subject:  Re: Answering questions in the order received ;-)

At 8:29 AM -0800 2/16/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Wouldn´t it be a good idea - just like at school - to ask the
>questions concerning spelling and SW topics open to the list instead
>of private emails? So other members might get ideas what the
>problems are and where to have a close look at


SignWriting List
February 16, 2000

Your three examples of rotating arms were beautifully written, Stefan
- the only tiny point is that the middle one doesn't need any stick
figure - you could have written just the handshape and the movement
symbol and it would have been read perfectly.

In regards to email....I do NOT want private email, Stefan! That is
why I started the SignWriting List, to share one hundred percent
openly with the entire world...and so we do...

And yet people still flood me with long private email messages
anyway- which is of course is an honor...and I want you all to know
that I love hearing from you.

But in regards to technical questions, I have now made a rule which
states that I will not answer people's technical questions, unless
they are posted to the SignWriting List. Then I answer publicly,
which helps everyone.

Unfortuntely sometimes people send me a great deal of technical
work...with lots of questions to answer...all privately....but when I
ask them to join the SW List, they refuse for different
reasons...When that happens, I post their questions anyway to the SW
List, but with no name on the message, so I am not exposing their
name to anyone.

Then I send the answer to both the List and to the person privately.

This is a lot of work on my part, on the other hand, it seems
everyone is benefitting from the way I am handling the List...I want
to thank you all for telling me that you like the Lessons.

Sometimes SW List members understandably feel overwhelmed from all
the messages. I then suggest turning your email to NOMAIL which is an
outstanding service because you can still access the SW List Archives
to read the volume of messages, without receiving them in your email

So I think we have found a way to teach the world through email - I
wish the List would grow - perhaps if people realized that I was
teaching SignWriting for free this way they might want to join - tell
your friends about it!

The only other problem is some people are shy and they are nervous
about posting publicly, or they do not know how to create a .GIF file
and to attach it to the List - those are some of the other problems
we have had in the past....

So if any of you know how to solve these issues, please tell me!

Meanwhile, I have no choice but to go offline for today because I am
totally deluged with orders and web postings - soooo I want to wish
you the MOST WONDERFUL TRIP TO SWITZERLAND, Stefan...and when you
return I hope you will post a long message telling us all about it!!

Many blessings to you all -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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