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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Mon Feb 21, 2000  9:52 pm
Subject:  Re: IMPORTANT Message from South Africa!

Dear Valerie and Listmembers
>And even Stefan's Deaf students in Germany asked about me, my age,
>why did I dance?...those kinds of questions...

and itīs more. They want to know more about other deaf pupils /persons in
the world - itīs simply fascinating that other people experience the
"revolution of reading the own familiar language " and its sooo much fun!

>I guess we are forming a "SignWriting Community" online, and getting
>to know each other ;-)
For me it has been very important in the past to get more information about
"our family " It helps to get in personal contact. The letters of
introduction for us new listmember are a very good start!

Stefan ;-)

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