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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Feb 21, 2000  11:06 pm
Subject:  Shall We Introduce Ourselves Again? ;-)

>For me it has been very important in the past to get more
>information about "our family " It helps to get in personal contact.
>The letters of introduction for us new listmember are a very good
>Stefan ;-)


SignWriting List
February 21, 2000

Why not re-introduce ourselves? There are always new members on the
List, and I hope you feel free to introduce yourselves.

I will start. My name is Valerie Sutton. Although I loved to dance
many years ago, I stopped dancing in 1972! I became a "movement
notator". I write movement - and in my case I invented my own system
to do that. It has been a true blessing for me, because it has
brought me in touch with wonderful people in many professions, such
as dance, sports, mime and of course...Deaf and hearing people who
use signed languages!

Actually, SignWriting first started as "gesture writing", because my
first assignment at the University of Copenhagen was to write the
gestures of hearing people, and compare those gestures with the
movements of Deaf people signing in Danish Sign Language.

And then the next assignment was to record the movements of the lone
Deaf man on the South Pacific Island of Rennell (all from video of
course). His name was Kagobai, and his movements had lots of full
gestures, so SignWriting was perfect to record those gestures...which
included squatting and other unusual signs we rarely see in the West.

So the writing system first started as then moved
into "gesture writing" and then became "SignWriting".

Later, we also recorded mime by Marcel Marceau in France....One of
our MimeWriters traveled to France and recorded the Mime lessons of
Etienne Decroux, the world famous Mime teacher of Marcel Marceau.
That is not gesture - it is Classic Mime that is very very hard to
do, because they are close to being double jointed!

Did you know that I wrote a lot of ice skating? And the most
wonderful gymnastics! A SportsWriter whom I worked with did pages of
written gymnastics on the parallel bars, and on the horse and the
rings...all in Sutton Movement Writing.

Grin...thought I would share something outside of the Sign Language
professions -

But don't think I have strayed from the world of Sign Language - not
at all! I love it too much ;-))

I would love to hear about why all of you have joined the List - why
do you want to learn SignWriting? ;-)

And please feel free to ask technical questions to the List
anytime...don't feel shy...asking questions helps everyone on the
List to learn - it is real healthy and I have had one private message
after the other telling me how much List members have learned from my
attached files and lessons, even though they are silent themselves...

So we look forward to your messages on the SignWriting List!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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