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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Feb 26, 2000  5:39 am
Subject:  Re: Writing Projecting Thumbs

SignWriting List
February 25, 2000

Below is another .GIF showing different handshapes in SignWriting.
Not all of these are used in ASL. Some of them were added into
SignWriter 4.3 when I created the Spanish version of the program for
the Parkhursts back in 1995.

Number 1 is a little like the sign for "four in ASL", except the
thumb is projecting forward. Notice the dot...that means you are
seeing the thumb coming straight at you...the tip is projecting
towards you, or directly away from you. But the side position has the
thumb line on the white side of the symbol since it is projecting
toward the direction that the palm is facing.

Number 2 is a flat hand with a projecting thumb forward.

Number 3 is a tight closed fist with the thumb projecting forward.

Number 4 is the "L" hand in ASL. The first and last positions are
easy to read, but when the palm turns to face the side, technically
the thumb projects straight towards the reader. It could be written
with a dot too...just one problem...the dot for the projecting thumb
hits the border of the palm facing (half-dark half-light) and it is
real hard to read and write properly. That is why we usually write
the "L" hand with a real thumb line in all three positions, and the
if it is a real "L" handshape, then the thumb line has to be on the
dark section in that position because otherwise it gets confused with
the thumb projecting forward.

Number 5 is the same issue as number 4...but it is with only the
thumb projecting -

Now you can see why some symbols are the way they are! The side view
of the "L" handshape can be written either way...with a dot in the
center ...or with the thumb on the dark side of the palm facing:

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