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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Feb 26, 2000  5:49 am
Subject:  Re: SpellCheck "Japan" in JSL

On 2/24/00, Mark Penner wrote:
>I think this is because what we have is not a true "L" shaped hand, but an
>"L" hand with the thumbs bent at the knuckle so that they come down and
>touch each other. What you then have in the starting position is two hands
>palms facing each other with index fingers and thumbs touching to form a
>triangle. These move away from each other while the thumb and forefinger
>come together on each hand.
>My right hand example is more intuitive. The left hand one is the best I
>can do in SignWriter. But the fact that I can't write it how I think it
>looks best in SignWriter makes me wonder if I've got it wrong.


SignWriting List
February 25, 2000

Thanks Mark, for your attachment, and for your thoughtful analysis ;-)

Two points....

First, it is possible that the thumb does project forward a little,
so that the thumbs can touch, and if that is the case go right ahead
and write the projection of the thumbs forward.

Second, SignWriting and SignWriter are two different things.

"SignWriting" is the writing system itself, that was written by hand
long before the development of personal computers.

"SignWriter" is simply a dumb computer program, that does not include
all the symbols in the entire SignWriting system.

I am hoping that SignWriter 5.0 will solve that, but SignWriter 4.3
is filled to the brim with symbols and no more can be added -

So that handshape, with the thumb forward, is not in SignWriter 4.3,
you are right, but it IS in SignWriting it is a matter of
fiddling with your computer to give you a tiny little line and you
can manipulate the line onto the square to "make due" for now...or
you could write the thumb line in by hand later, after you have
printed the document...or you can place one symbol "on top of

More soon -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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