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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Tue Feb 29, 2000  10:02 am
Subject:  Re: Writing Songs

> On 2/22/00, Trevor Jenkins wrote:
>>Durig this DCF meeting the only true instrument was a large drum. Who ever
>>was hitting it wasn't always in time with those singing. :-)
> In regards to using a drum to give rhythm...although of course I know
> the theory behind is true that all people, deaf or hearing,
> can feel vibrations to a certain extent, and I am sure that deaf
> people have developed that ability better than many hearing people
> have.

This was a huge drum. The last time I felt the music was 30 years ago as I
opened the doors at the back of the auditorium whilst a rock band was
playing. The 3,000 watt PA system was funneled down the thearte, which was
long and thin like a shoe box, until it hit me in the chest. The drum at the
DCF meeting was similar; very loud and very physical. Even with the movement
of the 300+ people in the church it could be felt all over the body. Of
course, being British no one was dancing around. Our feet were firmly
planted on the floor. :-)

> But there are visual cues that can be used for professional dancers
> who are deaf, and some of those visual cues are used in the timing
> with I will get to that explanation soon -


Regards, Trevor

British Sign Language is not inarticulate handwaving; it's a living
language. So recognise it now.


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