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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Wed Mar 1, 2000  11:06 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing Songs

I am by no means discounting what Pastor Detloff is doing. I think it is very
good that he is doing the best with what he has. If I remember right, he has
mentioned that he does not have the background in the original languages, and
is doing this to have something to use with his congregation. On the other
hand, where possible, it is good to get a translation directly from the
original languages. Otherwise it becomes like the old game of telephone that
hearing people play where the message becomes so muddled that you don't know
what was originally intended.

So, each has a purpose. Pastor Detloff's translation has an immediate purpose
of meeting the present need of a written ASL translation. Long term, however,
I think it will be the best to have one directly translated from the original
languages. So, both will have their place and both will undoubtedly be helpful
to anyone who will want to read it.

Deaf Missions has about 35% of the Bible already translated so I thought if we
can get that transcribed, it can also save Pastor Detloff some time as well
since that will give him some more resources that he can use as well. So we
can all benefit from each other's work.


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> February 29, 2000
> First, I think we must give Pastor Ron Dettloff in Michigan praise
> for his remarkable work with using SignWriting to record his
> translations of the Bible passages, posted on the web:
> The SignBible Site
> King James Bible in American Sign Language,
> Written in SignWriting,
> I remember I did mention the Missions in Council Bluffs to Ron a long
> time ago....
> I think it would be wonderful, if permission could be granted, to
> transcribe the ASL videos into SignWriting. It would serve several
> purposes....a way for all of you to practice
> SignWriting...transcribing the facial expressions and other important
> features of the ASL would be a fascinating it would
> be fun for your congregation to look at the video, and then look at
> the interesting way to teach the reading of
> scripture in ASL. Plus it gives another translated version, so there
> would be two different versions of certain from Ron's
> congregation and one from the Council Bluff excellent way
> to stretch the use of SignWriting ;-)
> Val ;-)

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