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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 1, 2000  11:48 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing Songs

>TeX is a Unix program (though there are versions of it for Windows and I think
>Mac). This program functions like a desktop publishing program
>except it is not
>WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get). The principle behind TeX is that you
>put your text in a simple text file and focus on the text you are writing. As
>you write, you include various style markers like \emphasis or something to
>indicate what should have emphasis or what should be a header, etc.
>When you run
>that text file through the TeX program along with the choice of a
>specific style
>sheet, you get the WYSIWYG output you desired when it is done.
>Anyone with that
>style sheet and any other special fonts, etc. should be able to duplicate the
>output of your document with little to no trouble.

Thanks Stuart for this very interesting explanation of what the "TeX"
program is...I had never heard of it.

As you know, at this time, when we type with the SignWriter Computer
Program, it is not done with fonts, and is not considered "text".
Inside its own self-contained environment, SignWriter types
"text" a very sophisticated manner that flops and rotates
symbols and manipulates palm facing etc.

But outside of SignWriter's environment, it is considered
"graphics" until we really have a program that is considered
"text" by other programs, I don't see how this will work...

Someday, in around 3 years, we may have the symbols in UNICODE, and
then the Unicode fonts could be manipulated in such a way that they
could be considered text - but the complexities of all the thousands
of variations are enormous -

Just wanted to tell you about that - the fact that we don't have
fonts at the moment...

This has been our biggest problem all along...but on the other hand,
we have developed a very unique way to type within SignWriter's own
environment, and in time we need to find a way to carry those
techniques over to the "real text" world...most word processors do
not type palm facing - ha!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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