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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Mon Mar 6, 2000  9:19 pm
Subject:  Deaf Missions ASL Video Bible Translation

Just to let you all know. We have secured permission from Deaf Missions to
do a trial transcription of their video translation of James, 1 Peter, and
2 Peter. Hopefully, this will go well. We will undoubtedly post snippets
of the transcription to see if it is being transcribed properly. Since
this is copyright material, I will be double-checking with them what they
will or will not want us to post so that we are respecting their wishes in
the matter. So ... we will keep you informed about our progress.

At this point, it will be myself and an elder in our church who will be
working on the transcription. He has been learning and is excited to try
this out.

My first question in regard to all of this is: What are some good tips you
have found for transcribing a videotape? The process I am planning so far is:

1. Begin by getting the basic signs down.

2. Review that initial transcription by adding any non-manual material such
as facial expressions, pauses, etc.

3. Continue to review it until we are sure that there are no other manual
or non-manual elements that need to be included.

I have some other questions for the tail end of the process, but I will
wait for that until we arrive at that point.


Stuart Thiessen

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