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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 9, 2000  2:32 pm
Subject:  Re: Deaf Missions ASL Video Bible Translation

On 3/6/00, Stuart Thiessen wrote:

>Just to let you all know. We have secured permission from Deaf Missions to
>do a trial transcription of their video translation of James, 1 Peter, and
>2 Peter. Hopefully, this will go well. We will undoubtedly post snippets
>of the transcription to see if it is being transcribed properly. Since
>this is copyright material, I will be double-checking with them what they
>will or will not want us to post so that we are respecting their wishes in
>the matter. So ... we will keep you informed about our progress.


SignWriting List
March 9, 2000

Congratulations, Stuart! This is wonderful news. I have heard that
the videos produced by Deaf Missions are excellent and it certainly
will give you exercise in learning SignWriting, to transcribe them!

We look forward to reading your "snippets" ;-)

PS. If there are any copyright problems, you can post an occasional
sign, only one at a time, and that should solve that problem....sign
by sign you will slowly put the pieces together - without exposing
their translation...

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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