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From:  William McGruder
Date:  Tue Mar 14, 2000  2:11 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting as a gateway?

I'd like to add a couple of remarks which I hope bring folks back to calm

1) SignWriting is obviously not meant as a replacement or an introductory
alphabet. It's more than obvious (to me, at least) that it's merely a way of
describing on paper any gestured communications. I've found myself making
some SW remarks on the 3x5 cards I've made notes in English for training
sessions I've conducted on a few subjects. This has helped me to use the
exact gestures I'd decided without having to remember them.

2) English, as well as any other language most likely, can be represented in
gestures. That does not mean that the coupling of SignWriting with the
gestured English proves that SignWriting is English. It just means that
SignWriting can be used for the purpose it was designed: representing the
gestures involved.

3) English doesn't use 's for the plural either. That would be the
possessive. English usually adds an s to the end of the word but without
using the apostrophe.

4) I almost forgot to mention this. Please check the email archives to see
the note I wrote to Valerie concerning SignWriting. That will definitely add
more to the discussion.


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