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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Mar 18, 2000  2:34 am
Subject:  Re: Problems with SignWriting List...

At 2:53 PM -0300 3/16/00, Fernando Capovilla wrote:
>According to the list below, in the last SW-L Disgest (13-14 March
>2000) there were 19
>messages. However, only 7 messages have arrived. I believe the same
>problem may have
>happened to our list colleagues. Should this be an isolated case I
>would appreciate
>receiving some info on how to proceed in order to recover the lost
>12 messages.


SignWriting List
March 17, 2000

Yes, I just succeeded at getting a "MONTHLY LOG" of all messages
posted in the month of March...that will solve the problem. Anyone on
the SignWriting List can do it from your own computer.

The Monthly Log is like a Monthly Digest. You can do this with ANY
month, which is a great way to find messages from long ago too...Here
are the instructions:


To the ListServe address:

Send this command:


(After the word LOG, the first two zeros 00 stand for the year 2000.
The last 03 is the month of March. If you want February's LOG, it
would be 02, so February would be: GET SW-L LOG0002. )

Try it - there have already been a lot of messages in the month of March!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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