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From:  Cecelia Smith
Date:  Sat Mar 18, 2000  1:51 am
Subject:  Re: more seriously,


Now, what do we need to write in, using SW, to make these ASL glosses
into a proper sentence in ASL?

Ahhh, a gold star for the recalcitrant student! One of the things that I
think is so wonderful about SW is that we have native deaf people writing
down their language. From earlier posts of Valerie and others on this list,
I got the strong impression that grammatical indicators are being developed
by the users of SW.

Why is this more important (or just as important) as video taped examples of
signs? Because in writing it down, with grammatical markers, we get written
and solid evidence of what constitutes a sentence in ASL. The person
making the sentence decides what a sentence is. Now, that does not mean we
won't get fragments...after all, not every one is perfect <smile> but...with
enough examples of spontaneous writing, grammatical structures can be

With the current state of technology (video tapes) you can sometimes have 10
people view the same story, and end up with 10 different sets of sentences.
You can't do that with the written word. <smile> There is no room for
subjective analysis. It is what it is. PERIOD!


:::::;resting at ringside, watching Joe struggle to extricate his feet, and
thinking he is making an admirable attempt.

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