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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 22, 2000  2:09 am
Subject:  Frustrations with Computers ;-(

On 3/8/00, Juliana from Peru wrote:

>From: "juliana"
>Hi Valerie...hope this works. First time using new computer and
>attachments ( along with a hundred other things I don't understnad
>about this confounded machine). I don't understand why it didn't
>just put the picture in the body of the e-mail but oh wells. Take
>care...tu amiguita de Lima

SignWriting List
March 21, 2000

Hello Everyone -
There are some wonderful teachers on the SignWriting List who have
been silent, not posting messages.

Several of them tell me how frustrated they are with computers. It
has nothing to do with SignWriting...they just don't feel comfortable
posting messages to the List, plus they are not sure how to attach
files, or how to make GIFs.

So, if you are a teacher and you feel that way - you are not alone! ;-)

And I really understand it too...Everyone feels frustrated with
computers from time to time, including the professionals who have
created them...

As you all know, as a part of my donating SignWriting books, videos
and software to the teachers, I am requiring that they stay on the
SignWriting List, to give us feedback, and to learn from other's participants in the SignWriting Literacy Project must
be on the List. This is only practical, since we can all learn from
each other.

So thank you, Juliana, for sending me your FIRST GIF!! I am very
happy about this ;-))

You did a great job, plus your attached .SGN file is great too.

Juliana attached the sign for PERU, written in SignWriting...a sign I
need! She sent me both a .SGN file and a .GIF. Here is the .SGN file:

Type: application/octet-stream
Size: 1k

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