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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 30, 2000  5:12 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Report, March 30, 2000

March 30, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members:

It has been a long time since I have written to the List. A lot has
been happening. Here is a list of some of the recent events:

1. Teacher and researcher, Cecilia Flood and her Albuquerque teaching
team from the Albuquerque Public Schools, presented a successful
demonstration at the CASA (Community and School Awareness for the
Deaf and Hard of
hearing) conference, March 24th in Albuquerque. Their presentation:
"SignWriting: A way to Read and Write Signs: A link to Bi-Literacy
Development for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Elementary School Students"
included Deaf students showing the audience how to use the SignWriter
Computer Program. Deaf student Fernando even wrote the script for the
presentation in SignWriting. The DAC hired a professional video crew
to tape the entire proceedings. Because the tapes are on special
media, I have not been able to view them yet, but later today I have
an appointment with an editing studio to view all the video masters
and make a plan for a new documentary entitled "SignWriting In Deaf
Education". The documentary will be a series of videos in time, the
first one being the Albuquerque presentation.

Cecilia told us all that in time she will write a report to the SW
List sharing with us what happened at the presentation, but it has
been so terribly busy since, that I am sure that will take a little
time... I think all the presenters deserve a little rest!!

2. We have been working out arrangements for another presentation in
another school, and it has been time-consuming, but very interesting
and very hopeful.

3. A deaf teacher of deaf children in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Nancy
Cole, attended the Albuquerque presentation. Now Nancy Cole and her
classroom will participate in the SignWriting Literacy Project! Nancy
is fulfilling all the paperwork now, so you will be reading her
reports soon. Las Cruces is a city in the southern area of New
Mexico. It is not that close to Albuquerque, so this school is truly
in a new area, and I am quite excited to donate to a new classroom.

4. I am printing the advanced materials for Dawn McReynolds and other
teachers...the printing job ties up my computer so it is hard for me
to write as much, while I am printing such volumes.

5. Increased requests for general information on SignWriting has
become close to overwhelming. I wonder if placing all the brochures
on the web as downloadable .PDF files would help? Do people know how
to read .PDF files? And would they be able to print out in color?
What do you guys think?

6. I have tons of technical questions to answer from Norway, on top
of the questions already posted to the SW List. I have not forgotten
any of them. The Albuquerque presentation and all the other tasks
listed above have delayed my responses but they will come in time.

7. Joe Martin and I have been working on his comparison article
between the Stokoe system and SignWriting. I have been the "web
layout artist" on the job, making all of Joe's corrections for him.
He just re-wrote one section, and once I have that posted and
approved by Joe, we should be able to announce the article on the
web. Joe did an excellent job, and I appreciate the comparison, since
it taught me a lot too about the Stokoe system too. It is a long
article. Would anyone want it as a .PDF file later?

8. I am also working on the Flemish version of the SignWriter
Computer Program. A team in Flanders has gone to the great work of
translating all the computer commands that appear on the screen into
Dutch (Flemish), and now I have the job of adding those commands into
the internal part of the software, so people can switch to Flanders
and see Dutch words on the screen. Plus I am waiting for their
fingerspelling handshapes so I can create their Flemish
Fingerspelling Keyboard. Once I have that information, we will have a
Flemish version!

So for the moment I will close by thanking you all for your photos,
your attached files of which there are lots, and of course all your
wonderful email messages!

Many blessings -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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