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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Tue Mar 28, 2000  9:54 am
Subject:  Pa,Pi,Pu,Po

Pa,Pi,Pu,Po.These four "sounds" (not voiced) are frequently used by Deaf
signers in Japan to delineate shades of meaning in some signs and as an
integral part of others. They are, we think, necessary to the writing
system. My collaborator wants to put a Japanese alphabetic symbol at the
mouth. I don't imagine Valerie is going to want to add that to the
character set, and being somewhat of a purist at heart myself, it doesn't
seem right to be "mixing alphabets", so to speak. How do we do it within
the signwriting system? Is it possible to do without two heads? (Since we
have two mouth positions involved, the only way I can think of to write it
is with two heads, but that seems unwieldy.) Of course, the mouth movement
generally takes place at the moment the hands move, so two heads might
work--one with just the first mouth position, and the next with second
mouth position and hand action. I don't have my manual here at home with
me, but I tried a sample anyway. This is supposed to be "pa".


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Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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