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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 23, 2000  1:56 am
Subject:  Re: SW at the Kentucky School for the Deaf

On 3/22/00, Rebecca Larche Moreton wrote:
>Sorry I have not written to you lately; it is too complicated to explain!
>So I will skip it and just say that James and Cecilia and I are working on
>our presentation for the Kentucky School for the Deaf in June! I am very
>much excited and think it is a great thing that James has managed to get
>the ear of the biggies in the state educational structure for the Deaf.
>Has the film-maker from here ever gotten in touch with you? And has the
>article about SW in the New York Times (Magazine?) ever run?

SignWriting List
March 22, 2000

Hi Becky!

And thank you Becky, James and Cecilia for fighting for SignWriting
at the Kentucky School for the Deaf...if Deaf children in
Albuquerque, Canada, Germany, Peru and South Africa can benefit, why
not the Deaf kids in Kentucky? ;-)....

I am excited that they might want a two day SignWriting presentation
in Kentucky in June - that is great!

In regards to the, that particular person did not
contact us yet, although they are always welcome to...

However I do want to share that an important event is happening this
Friday, March 24th, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cecilia Flood, and
two other teachers, plus their Deaf students will be demonstrating
SignWriting at the CASA conference, from 3:30 - 5:00 in the Mariott
Hotel, Salon 1. I contacted a professional video crew in Albuquerque,
and they will be taping the entire presentation on good quality
video, that can later be edited for use in TV shows, or as
documentation for research. We will have three cameras, getting
different angles, and it will be placed on digital video...We need to
start collecting video clips of Deaf children using SignWriting
around the world, to create an educational TV program about this new
development in Deaf Education. I would like to contact Public
Broadcasting about it here in the US, when we have some good footage.

And I am SO proud of the script Fernando, a Deaf student, wrote in
SignWriting for the rest of the presenters - it is really exciting to
see them writing SignWriting by hand with so little training...

In regards to the New York Times, I know that Margolit Fox has
already interviewed several people, but I have not heard anything
since. Her article will be what they call "filler". Whenever there is
no other "more timely" news to write about, then they place in an
educational article like there is no deadline and no
telling when it will be published. We surely need it, since we have
never had national coverage in the US newspapers in the entire
history of SignWriting, but everyday I say to myself "I must be
patient" of these days it will be published ;-)

Thanks for your report, Becky!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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