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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Thu Mar 30, 2000  6:59 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting Report, March 30, 2000

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> 5. Increased requests for general information on SignWriting has
> become close to overwhelming. I wonder if placing all the brochures
> on the web as downloadable .PDF files would help? Do people know how
> to read .PDF files? And would they be able to print out in color?
> What do you guys think?

I do a monthly newsletter and I have posted a PDF version to web. If you
have pictures in the brochures, the PDF files can get large. My 10 page
newsletter for last month had pictures and graphics and I can't seem to
reduce the PDF file to less than 4 megs.

I was told that most computers being sold today contain a PDF reader -
probably Acrobat Reader, which is freely available on the Net. You can
print in color, np.

People with WebTV are unable to download PDF files - or any files for
that matter.

I'm considering rebuilding my newsletter as an HTML page but still
looking and printing like a newsletter.

Bill Reese

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3190 Thank you, Albuquerque! ;-) Valerie Sutton Fri  3/31/2000

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