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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Mar 31, 2000  4:50 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting Report, March 30, 2000

On 3/30/00, Delora Parks wrote:
>The .PDF format is becoming widely used in the business world, in part
>because the Acrobat Reader is free. As with most computer technology these
>days, I think a brochure-type document introducing SW would be extremely
>helpful for those who are comfortable with using that medium, but frustrating
>for those people who have limited exposure to downloading documents and
>browsing the web.
>But, if it will save you any time at all Valerie, I say go for it! The work
>only needs to be done once, and if it helps as few as 5 people, there's that
>many less to arrange mailing packets to.


SignWriting List
March 31, 2000

Thank you Delora, for this information about .PDF files. I am trying
to reach as many people as possible, and at least .PDF is one
well-known format...but you are correct...not everyone knows how to
use obviously it is only useful to a certain percentage of

That is why I have been posting all of our pages as web pages,
because then people can print those web pages and read them too,
without having to learn about Adobe Acrobat.

But then I had people write to complain that it took too much time to
read everything on the web, and couldn't I create .PDF files? So you
can can't win!!

The same happened yesterday in my attempt to view the professional
video footage I received from the Albuquerque you
may know, the professional video world is slowly making a transition
from the older technology for high quality video, called BetacamSP or
1-Inch....(the editing machines cost $100,000.00 and up..some video
production companies have spent over a million dollars on equipment
alone) the Digital Video world, which has brought non-linear
editing down to $10,000 for the editing equipment - what a difference!

So I went to this studio yesterday with our Digital Video masters,
only to find that the professional studio had purchased the Digital
Video equipment recently, but because the format is new for them,
they hadn't set the equipment up yet! They informed me that they
could whip off the expensive BetacamSP format for me in a day, but
coordinating the old and new equipment is a transition for them and I
was the first one to request what I a meeting that
should have taken a half hour (and would have if we were using the
old equipment), ended up taking three hours as these technicians
informed me of the technical changes and after awhile I got so
exhausted and had to go home!

So when I was leaving, I told them I felt badly to force them into
this new stuff...and they said they were grateful because they have
no choice anyway!

So this "Information Age" is nuts, isn't it?!!

Anyway, no matter what, I am definitely moving all our work to
Digital Video, but it is a transition for me. I have closet fulls of
BetacamSP tapes from all our old TV work with SignWriting over the
years...those tapes will slowly deteriorate in time, just sitting
there, and so in time I will need to transfer them all to Digital
Video masters...

And then we all know that in another decade, there will be another
new format, that no one can predict right now!


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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