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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Wed Apr 12, 2000  12:41 am
Subject:  something nice

I found this in the library, thought it was nice.

page 86:
The writing system which seems most likely to become popular with
non-linguists is Valerie Sutton's and the Deaf Action Committee's Sign
Writing. This is a fairly iconic system which is relatively easy to learn
and use, can readily be adapted to different signed languages, and is
currently being taught in a school in Nicaragua, as well as being used by
small groups of individuals throughout the world. Although it is not yet
widely employed, it is gaining in popularity.

---Messing, Lynn. "On the Other Hand: American Sign Lnaguage,
Signed Englishes, and Other Visual Language Systems" in The workings of
language: From Presecriptions to Perspectives. Rebecca Wheeler (ed) 1999

Joe Martin, Plain Old Ordinary Student
Top Left Corner USA

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