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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Apr 12, 2000  1:22 am
Subject:  Your special feature waits your approval -

Joe -
That is so kind of you to send this to me...really sweet of you...and
nice of Lynn Messing too! I had brief contact with her once on the
internet, so that is a nice a result of our email conversations.

Guess what?! I have the whole new front page designed and ready to
go...your article is the Special Feature for April 11, 2000...I just
need your approval...then I will post the front page and link your
article to the rest of the site.

So please write to say "yes"...and also we can always add a tribute
to Dr. Stokoe later if you wish - I admit it is hard to write
it...hard to know how to handle it...I believe you may be correct
that anything said should probably be separate from your article...I
will think about it..I think we could place a link to a special
little note from me - actually I have some good ideas about that but
that can be done in a couple of days and we can still go ahead and
post your article - I am sure you can hear that I can't wait!

Waiting with baited breath (grin) -

Val ;-)


>I found this in the library, thought it was nice.
>page 86:
>The writing system which seems most likely to become popular with
>non-linguists is Valerie Sutton's and the Deaf Action Committee's Sign
>Writing. This is a fairly iconic system which is relatively easy to learn
>and use, can readily be adapted to different signed languages, and is
>currently being taught in a school in Nicaragua, as well as being used by
>small groups of individuals throughout the world. Although it is not yet
>widely employed, it is gaining in popularity.
>---Messing, Lynn. "On the Other Hand: American Sign Lnaguage,
>Signed Englishes, and Other Visual Language Systems" in The workings of
>language: From Presecriptions to Perspectives. Rebecca Wheeler (ed) 1999
>Joe Martin, Plain Old Ordinary Student
>Top Left Corner USA

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