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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Apr 12, 2000  1:33 am
Subject:  Re: something nice

April 11, 2000

Hello SignWriting List!
I feel so embarrassed...I just wrote a private note to Joe and by
accident posted it to the SignWriting List!

Such is life on the internet -

As you can tell, Joe and I have been working on posting his new
article that compares the Stokoe notation system with Sutton
SignWriting. Today I completed Joe's last request for changes, and I
have designed a new front page for the web site, linking to our new
special feature, which will be Joe's article.

So I was asking Joe to give me final approval so I can officially
post it - it has been so many months the two of us have worked on it,
and it will be a true pleasure to post it.

And then, sadly....just as Joe and I were placing the finishing
touches on the article, Dr. Stokoe passed away. I couldn't stop
thinking about him as I worked on the web design....

So I wrote to Joe and asked if he thought we should write a special
tribute to Dr. Stokoe in the front of Joe's article, and then Joe and
I wrote back and forth to each other about what to is kind
of painful to write about someone's passing...especially someone as
special as Dr. that is why I discussed that with Joe.

I was thinking of writing a special separate message from me, telling
people how much I enjoyed meeting Dr. Stokoe in Chicago in 1977...and
I thought about sharing that story with is a real fond
memory of him....

What do you all feel is proper? Do you think that is a good idea?

Joe's article will be up on our web site for years to come...

Once again, sorry for the accidental posting! smile

And by the appears that the SignWriting List Archives is
working again!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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