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From:  cmf
Date:  Fri Apr 7, 2000  5:00 am
Subject:  Re: SECOL (Southeastern Conference on Linguistics)

Good Luck Rebecca...hope it goes well for you and conference


Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> April 6, 2000
> Dear SignWriting List Members:
> One of our loyal List Members, linguist Rebecca Moreton, is
> presenting SignWriting today in a "SignWriting Exhibit" at SECOL
> (Southeastern Conference on Linguistics) in Mississippi. Here is what
> Rebecca told me last night:
> -------
> Rebecca wrote:
> "Tomorrow is the day I set up my little SignWriting exhibit for the people
> attending the SECOL (Southeastern Conference on Linguistics) meeting here.
> There are scheduled to be close to a hundred speakers, plus students and
> other people from this area, and probably other people from north
> Mississippi and perhaps from Memphis, maybe nearly 200 people in all. What
> I am trying to do is simply make them aware that SignWriting exists and
> to show them the various ways it is being used. I have downloaded two
> of the papers from the website, the article from Silent News and your
> answer to the question about the controversial aspects of SW; both of
> these deal with matters that linguists will quickly understand, since they
> make comparisons between the situation of the Deaf and a new writing
> system, and other minority people and new writing systems, and talk about
> the stages in the thinking of people who are confronted with having to
> learn to write their own previously unwritten language."
> -----------------
> I am really amazed at the enormous effort that Rebecca has dedicated
> to this SignWriting Exhibit in Mississippi. There will be a computer
> giving people access to our SignWriting Web Site, and two televisions
> showing our SignWriting videos.
> I have been so busy working with the Albuquerque presentation, that I
> did not print literature for Rebecca to hand out to people, so
> Rebecca is creating copies herself - isn't that nice?!!
> Thank you, Rebecca, for all you are doing!
> We look forward to hearing how it goes....I know other SW List
> members are also attending the conference - so a lot is happening in
> Mississippi today ;-)
> Val ;-)
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> Valerie Sutton
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