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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Apr 6, 2000  2:47 pm
Subject:  SECOL (Southeastern Conference on Linguistics)

SignWriting List
April 6, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members:

One of our loyal List Members, linguist Rebecca Moreton, is
presenting SignWriting today in a "SignWriting Exhibit" at SECOL
(Southeastern Conference on Linguistics) in Mississippi. Here is what
Rebecca told me last night:


Rebecca wrote:
"Tomorrow is the day I set up my little SignWriting exhibit for the people
attending the SECOL (Southeastern Conference on Linguistics) meeting here.
There are scheduled to be close to a hundred speakers, plus students and
other people from this area, and probably other people from north
Mississippi and perhaps from Memphis, maybe nearly 200 people in all. What
I am trying to do is simply make them aware that SignWriting exists and
to show them the various ways it is being used. I have downloaded two
of the papers from the website, the article from Silent News and your
answer to the question about the controversial aspects of SW; both of
these deal with matters that linguists will quickly understand, since they
make comparisons between the situation of the Deaf and a new writing
system, and other minority people and new writing systems, and talk about
the stages in the thinking of people who are confronted with having to
learn to write their own previously unwritten language."


I am really amazed at the enormous effort that Rebecca has dedicated
to this SignWriting Exhibit in Mississippi. There will be a computer
giving people access to our SignWriting Web Site, and two televisions
showing our SignWriting videos.

I have been so busy working with the Albuquerque presentation, that I
did not print literature for Rebecca to hand out to people, so
Rebecca is creating copies herself - isn't that nice?!!

Thank you, Rebecca, for all you are doing!

We look forward to hearing how it goes....I know other SW List
members are also attending the conference - so a lot is happening in
Mississippi today ;-)

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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