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From:  cmf
Date:  Fri Apr 21, 2000  7:26 pm
Subject:  an overdue resport, CASA Albq. N.M.

Dear SW-List members,

I am attaching a report on our presentation on SignWriting at the CASA
conference in March 2000. Before you open that attachment and read about
our experiences, I want to express my sincere gratitude to my
co-presenters, Kate Dalton and Lorraine Crespin. For me personally, the
collaboration experience in preparing for this presentation with these
two classroom teachers has been one of the most gratifying aspects of
the SignWriting Literacy Project here in Albuquerque. I am grateful also
to the parents of our SignWriting learners for giving us permission to
'share their children' via videotapes and writing samples. I want to
thank especially those parents who transported their children to the
conference to be 'SW tutors'. I want to thank Valerie for her support
during all developmental phases of the presentation; the preparation of
information packets, the arrangements for the video recording of the
presentation, and for the assistance with all the evolving post
presentation events and activities. It is true, 'pictures are worth more
than a thousand words'. The production of the videotape documentary of
this event will be well worth the energy and expense with the burdoned
placed mostly on Valerie and the DAC. Meanwhile, the report submitted is
my attempt to bring some closure to a personal and professional
experience that has not only confirmed my beliefs about Deaf and Hard of
Hearing student capabilities but has also motivated my continued
committment to promote biliteracy development for DHH students.


Valerie Sutton wrote:
> At 10:04 PM -0600 4/20/00, Jerry Spillman wrote:
> >I have noticed that the resultant pages seem pretty full. Is there a
> >way to change that without going into signwriter itself and putting
> >spaces in manually, such as causing the page to only contain half the
> >volume of print it has now? I know in case of this particular .sgn file
> >that it would make the .pdf 18 pages long vice 9, but I think the
> >instant readability (as opposed to having to use the zoom feature and
> >scrolling) would be improved.
> SignWriting List
> April 21, 2000
> In regards to Line spacing...yes...I had sent instructions on
> they are again:
> Printing Lines Per Page
> The printing formats are setup with an automatic number of lines per
> page. Once you have chosen a page format, it is usually not necessary
> to change the number of lines. However, if you want to create a
> special print-out that has fewer lines per page, you can do this.
> 1. Type Alt-S (Setup command).
> 2. Type P for Printing.
> 3. Type L for Lines.
> 4. This prompt will appear: Number of lines per page is _______. New number:
> 5. If you are happy with the number of lines, then press Escape.
> 6. If you wish to change the number of lines, then type in a new
> number, and press Return.
> 7. You may have to experiment a little by printing it out, to see if
> the result is what you want.
> You have to change the settings in SignWriter before you create the PDF.
> Val ;-)
> -----------------------------
> Valerie Sutton
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