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From:  Lorraine Crespin
Date:  Fri Apr 21, 2000  7:12 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing skills develop after reading skills

Stefan and interested others:

Let me first introduce myself to the list. My name is Lorraine Crespin and I
am one of the three (no , now four!) teachers in New Mexico who have been
using SW in the classroom. I currently use it with my 4th and 5th graders.
Now in regards to what you are observing with your students in Germany. It is
exciting to read of their progress, all of which is typical of individuals
learning to read and write. All learners will progress at their speed which I
notice has alot to do with their own language levels, abilities, and
As to what is happening with students here in Albuquerque. Let me first say
that they all are better readers of SW than writers. some of the students are
better than others at writing SW and others are quite adept in using the SW
program on the computers. I seek them out when I , myself get "stuck". It
seems to me that learning to read and write SW go hand in hand, one supports
the other. But as is typical in literacy development, children will read in a
language first with the writing (grammar, spelling, syntax, etc..)following
as they are able to grasp and comprehend the language. For example, I can
read Spanish, but writing it is another matter. I have learned the skills
necessary to decode what I read, much the same way that our students have
learned the SW basics to read it. Since it is their language, they also
understand it. Their writing of SW varies among students. Some are using it
when they get stuck in English- they know the sign they want but do not know
the english equivalent, so they draw in the SW in their text. Others have
been motivated to write stories and information in SW by the page fulls. It
is all very exciting, because now they can write messages to each other and
be understood without getting hung up with English.
Carry on the good work!

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