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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Sun Apr 23, 2000  5:35 am
Subject:  .pdf's from .sgn files

Dear List,

With the help of Valerie and Angus, I have been able to convert .sgn files quite successfully to .pdf format that can be read with Acrobat Reader or GhostView.  Forthcoming will be some step-by-step instructions in case you haven't pieced together a set from our previous notes to you.  There is great advantage in having files in .pdf format, for one, they can be viewed without having to open SignWriter, and you will not damage them accidentally from viewing them this way.  I have placed one of my converted files on the web at: if you would like to see it. When you open this file, you have to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise or tell the viewer to place the file in the LANDSCAPE  view.  In comparison to the converted .gif files of the previous page, , 19a is only half the size of all the combined .gif files it takes to display this page.  Another advantage of the .pdf format is that in the conversion process, it makes the images black on white, so that you can print them efficiently on just about any printer.  Acrobat Reader version 4.0 and GhostView are both available at no cost on the World Wide Web.


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