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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Apr 24, 2000  11:58 pm
Subject:  Publishing DanceWriting documents in PDF ;-)

SignWriting List
April 24, 2000

My dear friends...
I am writing to you while my new houseguests are unpacking and
settling in. They are wonderful people, from Massachusetts. Sylvia
Gold is an expert in Isadora Duncan dancing, which is an important
style of dance from the early 1900's. Duncan dancers fear that if we
do not record their historic dances, they could be forgotten.

From 1976-1986, Sutton DanceWriting was a requirement for graduation
as a dance major at the Boston Conservatory of Music's dance
department. I taught the DanceWriting curriculum for four years
there. We trained over 80 qualified DanceWriting teachers by 1986.

Meanwhile Sylvia Gold needed to preserve the historic dances of
Isadora Duncan, and since she is one of the last survivors of her
art, she hired two different DanceWriting notetakers to record the
Isadora Duncan dances. The book "A Selection of Isadora Duncan
Dances, The Schubert Selection" was published by the Center for
Sutton Movement Writing in 1984. Sylvia and I have been selling
copies occasionally ever since, but we now only have 4 copies left!

Plus Sylvia has two more books of notated Duncan dances - "The Chopin
Collection" and the "Brahms Waltzes". So she would like to publish
these new works, plus re-print the first book.

Soooo...the first book was published before personal computers were a
part of our lives. That meant that the book was done the
old-fashioned way - The DanceWriting was done with ink pens and
transfer sheets that placed wax symbols on the page. It was then
pasted onto boards with hot wax or glue, and typesetting was pasted
there too. The 90 page original document was 90 boards with paste-up.

That was 1984. The old document is turning yellow. So I told Sylvia I
thought it would be fun to put portions of these books on the web on
the DanceWritingSite, and to also create PDF files for download -
that solves the "yellowing glue" problem of the old days.

But then there are other problems - PDF files are fine when they are
fairly small - but the one book is 90 pages of graphics - some photos
- but mostly DanceWriting that has to be scanned in as
that is a very large PDF file.

Any suggestions from PDF experts? How do other people publish on the
web with big documents in PDF? Do they split the document up? Maybe
there is a way to link portions of the document together?

Please answer to the List if you know - many thanks!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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