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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Sat May 6, 2000  11:37 pm
Subject:  Re: SW in Databases

How about a comma-delimited database? It's portable across most

I'm joking - I think. What I don't know is how would a database handle a
pictoral format? I really don't see how it can be defined within a
database - but then I'm limited in my knowledge in this area. I DO know
that when I want to transfer information to databases, comma-delimited
has offered a good basis to begin with. Of course, that was with regular
ASCII characters.

Trevor, can you let me in on some of the secrets of database construction
and tell me if it's possible to comma-delimit a definition of a
signwriting glyph?


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> At 9:41 PM +0000 5/6/00, Trevor Jenkins wrote:
> >Oracle, Ingres, Trip, MySQL, PostGres, rdb, DB2 to name a few. :-)
> SignWriting List
> May 6, 2000
> Hello Everyone and Trevor -
> Many thanks for the information about all of these database software
> programs - wow - there are a lot of them! ;-)
> The question is how we can take the EXISTING SignWriter 4.3 and
> combine it with EXISTING database software.
> That way people could start building databases immediately without
> waiting for new software to be developed.
> So what existing database software is preferrred?...
> Macintosh: FILEMAKER
> (at least that would be my choice as a Mac user)
> Unix: SGML or XML
> (Trevor's choice? ;-)
> (am I right about this?)
> Here are some FILEMAKER features...
> 1. Publishes dynamic databases to the web...single-click web
> publishing of the database
> 2. ODBC support allows users to access FileMaker Pro data from
> ODBC-compliant applications
> 3. Imports data from other ODBC compliant sources such as SQL Server,
> and Oracle databases
> 4. You can store 3-D graphics and animation in the database
> 5. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office
> 6. Enhanced Microsoft Excel spreadsheet conversions etc etc
> plus FILEMAKER has a "Developer's" version that makes it possible
> for us to mold something uniquely for SignWriting, and that might be
> the REAL answer - we could play with the existing software a bit to
> see if we generally like it, and then see if we can't "build in"
> other features that we need for a SignWriting database...
> Since I own FileMaker Pro, I will try small experiments and keep you
> informed...
> And if some of you own database software yourselves, you might try
> some experiments too!
> Thanks for the info, Trevor -
> Val ;-)
> -----------------------------
> Valerie Sutton
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