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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon May 8, 2000  11:58 am
Subject:  Writing SignWriting By Hand

At 10:15 PM +0200 5/7/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

>So it comes to a completely new issue - we never thought about before. In
>order to write a message to somebody else - we have to understand first what
>we try to write. Some of my pupils are fluent signers - but feel not secure
>in DGS grammar. Writing SW helps all of us to view the differences between
>the two languages. I `m confident that this will improve the expressive
>skills as well German.

SignWriting List
May 8, 2000

Wonderful statement about writing by hand. Thank you, Stefan.

I was actually surprised at first, to know that you had not been
writing by hand. But then I realized that computers confuse people.
We all are too dependent on them.

Of course, we didn't have computers when we started SignWriting. So
writing by hand was automatic for us.

When you write by hand, you have a lot more symbols at your disposal,
since you are not limited by memory constraints of SignWriter 4.3 -

But more important, you do not have a dictionary file to
automatically write and spell for now your students have
to think for themselves and that is very important.

In regards to grammar, right now I would relax about that. In a
couple of years you can start writing some DGS grammar rules. It is
too soon for that right now.

Attached is a little example of how I used to teach writing ASL
signs. I would write the sign at the left once. Then ask them to
write rows and rows of the exact same sign. Sounds boring? Perhaps.
But it works. People become fluent writers when they repeat writing
the same sign:

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