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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Tue May 9, 2000  7:55 pm
Subject:  SW list (fwd)

Well...I just sent this message to the e-groups people. Might be a good
idea if other people wrote too, to second this opinion.....????? Besides,
I probly made some stupid computer-related mistake.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
To: SignWriting List
Subject: SW list

To the list operators....

We members of the SignWriting list would like to bring your attention the
following two items.
first, the date the list started is incorrectly given as August, when it
actually started on May 11, 1998.

More importantly, our archives are listed under
>Category: Top : Health : Conditions and Diseases : D : Deafness
The SignWriting List is concerned with writing and literacy, education,
minority languages, and linguistics. It only indirectly has anything to
do with deafness, (in that, as with any language, some of the users happen
to be deaf) and it certainly has nothing to do with diseases, or health.

As a non-deaf linguist with a cultural sensitivity to these minority
groups, I feel the list should be under "languages" or some more
appropriate category. Users of signed languages have constantly to fight
for recognition (and respect) not simply as viable cultures, but for the
simple right to be considered "normal," and in some cases even human!
Little things like this classification can do a lot to support them in
their efforts. I sincerely hope that you will consider this, and change
our category to something more appropriate.

Joe Martin,
member, Signwriting List

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