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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Tue May 9, 2000  6:06 pm
Subject:  Re: E-Groups Support Needed!

Hold it Valerie,
reads from its form as a separate forum from ,
housed on When whoever started that particular group started
it, they chose to put it in the categories they did. It is not's policy that is being questioned. An list does not
start because thinks it ought to exist, it starts because
someone, somewhere, an individual, not a company, has decided to start up a
forum. The person, or persons, then assign a category to it. That person,
or persons, then looked at the catalog already existing in and
put it in to Deafness. Asking egroups to add to its catalogue is fine,
telling them to change the "reply to" for a private group, started by an
individual, is not their business, that belongs to who ever the moderator of
is, which apparently is not you. Anyone has the right to
start up a forum, for any topic. I could start up a
list, for example, and catalogue it under "anthropology", "primitive art",
and "military" and that would be my choice. Normal running of the forum is as an based forum, not a separate forum
whose archives are based on it.

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