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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed May 10, 2000  12:51 pm
Subject:  Re: E-Groups Support Needed!

At 2:06 PM -0400 5/9/00, Charles Butler wrote:
Asking egroups to add to its catalogue is fine,
>telling them to change the "reply to" for a private group, started by an
>individual, is not their business, that belongs to who ever the moderator of
> is, which apparently is not you.

SignWriting List
May 10, 2000

It is most definitely ME! I am the moderator of sw-L both on
LISTSERVE and E-Groups. It is one and the same.

Paul Cowley is the List owner of SW-L. And it was Paul Cowley, with
my approval, who set this up so we are a REMOTE List on E-Groups,
which is a group which is not really a part of E-Groups, but archives
there only.

Paul Cowley set it all up properly. But then E-Groups changed the
design of their web site, and changed this on us.

The technicians at E-Groups have already written to me and are very
sweet, and they have no complaints. They understand the problems and
said they will help us. I hope they can, with their heavy work load.

And no one is limiting anyone's freedom to start their own group on
E-Groups, Charles.

I respect Paul Cowley's wishes to do it the way we are doing it,
since he is donating his time.

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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