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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Fri May 26, 2000  3:17 am
Subject:  Lessons In Sign Language Transcription

1st sign:
I guess it's just me, but I looked and looked and looked at this--it
looked like he touched his jaw with his index finger. I couldn't decide
whether to write it that way, or with the second contact on the shoulder,
or non second contact at all. Did anyone else have that problem?

I liked Stephan's change of orientation, which seems to capture the
movement quite well. Mark's was *very clear--but I agree, maybe better
not to shift perspectives unless we have to.

2nd sign:
Wow, a lot of different spellings :-) I noticed the arm movement, but
thought it was unneccesary to write it as it seemed more a consequence of
the wrist moving--so I didn't write it. I'm confused about Stefan's
movement arrow; I read that as a forearm held horizontally in front of the
body, hand pointing to the left, and its rotating. (shown by the double,
curved arrow). But in this sign the forearm was verticle--???

Joe Martin, Plain Old Ordinary Student
Top Left Corner USA

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Mark Penner wrote:

> Great to see the transcriptions. I liked Wayne's for the second sign (his
> first, as he didn't include the nod/blink), though perhaps Stephan's may
> have been technically more accurate. It was hard to tell where one sign
> stopped and the next began, and the hand was sort of in the "in-between"
> position--between the way Wayne and I wrote it and the way Stephan wrote
> it. I liked the look of the sign with just the shoulder mark, rather than
> the overhead view I used.
> For the third (Waynes 2nd), I liked Stephan's a lot, though I might have
> used a straight arrow for the angle instead of the curved. Again, these are
> hard distinctions to draw, at least for me. Both Wayne and Stephan saw the
> third with fingers together, and that seems better to me than mine too. I
> found the two arrows on Waynes confusing, and mine had no arm movement
> indicated at all, whereas in the video, there was, I think.
> What fun! It's wonderful to get such feedback.
> Mark
> Mark Penner
> Tokyo, Japan

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