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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jun 1, 2000  7:23 pm
Subject:  Re: Hello

At 10:22 AM -0500 5/30/00, Stuart Thiessen wrote:

>At this point, Deaf Missions considers SW irrelevant and unnecessary and
>something that the deaf community in general would not be interested in. I
>am hoping they will change their minds, especially after we get a
>transcription done. They do verse by verse, but they may not mark it on
>the videotape quite so clearly.


SignWriting List
June 1, 2000

Stuart - This is great news that you are going ahead with your
transcription work. I really do believe that Deaf Missions might be
open to it, if they see that Deaf children can read it easily...

That would be a wonderful way to show them SignWriting's value -

Perhaps students of SignWriting in New Mexico, or perhaps some of the
Deaf children at Ron Dettloff's congregation in Michigan, can be
videotaped reading the Bible passages in SignWriting...the videotape
will show that the next generation will benefit from the written
Bible passages.

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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