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From:  Linda Erickson
Date:  Fri Jun 2, 2000  7:59 am
Subject:  Re: Chami

Hi Nancy,
Its really nice to meet you.
I am delighted to read a message from you.
(I wonder what the logo is when we receive an e-mail and people always say,
its nice to hear from you when in actuality, ya right, hear, how about
I would love to hear/read more from you. I am in great need to learn more,
so much more from adults who are deaf that have been there, that have been
deaf since birth. That have experienced life being deaf like my little girl
is now experiencing.
Yes, if you have the time, to share, to be of support , I would so much
love and greatly appreciate your life being shared with me. The more I
know, the more I can understand, the more I can help my daughter live a
more happier, more productive life, a more fullfilled life. (My hearts
desires, besides having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as her
I have so many questions.
I've just found this sight. Finally.
Finding it took me a long time.
I live in a very rural area about 360 miles from the nearest city. The only
way of commuting is by plane or barge.
We have been blessed by wonderful teachers and Interperters. But nest fall
is another story we have no idea yet what lays ahead.
My daughter and I tried to live 360 miles away from papa for 6 months this
past winter. The deaf school was absolutely wonderful. But, we all were
miserable with out papa being there. ( Due to a job to support us.) So, off
we moved back home to be with papa.
Since then, our lives have increased abundantly.
But, no Interpreter for next school year so far. (Yes, we are very well
aware that there is so much more to the deaf culture then an Interpreter,
oh yes. My hearts desire is for our little angel to grow up in one. But
with no job, well, we make the best of what we have for right now.)
So, I am preparing my home for homeschooling just incase for the coming
school year. Lindsey will be in kindergarten. ): (My baby is growing up
way too fast. Can't they slow down just a little, you know, like puppies
and kittens too.)
But, the kindergarten class she may go into is a Montessorri program. We
did that last year in the city. Oh my, Lindsey loved it, it was right up
her alley. But, this teacher has never worked with a deaf child before and
she is rather nervous. During Lindsey's IEP, I and Lindsey's preschool
teacher reassured her they will get along great, because they both love art
and both are gifted and talented in art. That should be an instant bonding
to my thoughts. So, just incase, I am preparing her, by helping her with
class sign language charts, the aphabet, and gave the resouce teacher more
info on ordering supplies. (Doesn't hurt to work with two windows open for
right now, and be prepared incase one does shut.)
Anyways, I really look forward to gettng to know you more, and I wold love
you to have you as an advocate...
I look forward to reading from you soon.
Lindsey's mama, Linda

> From: Nancy Cole
> To: SignWriting List
> Subject: Re: Chami
> Date: Thursday, June 01, 2000 4:46 PM
> Hi,
> It was wonderful hearing from you, a very positive letter!!! Myself am a
> Deaf Adult and also a Teacher for the Deaf/HH. My children ranged from
> to 5th grade. It sounds like you are doing great and your daughter has
> parents who appreciate her for herself! If I could be of any help, let
> know!!
> Smile
> Nancy Cole
> Las Cruces, NM

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