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From:  Linda Erickson
Date:  Fri Jun 2, 2000  8:24 am
Subject:  Re: Chami

Hi Lorraine,
I am delighted to meet you.
We live in the bush of Alaska actually.
About 360 miles from Anchorage.
My daughter is has attended the special ed preschool program here for 2 1/2
years. And 1/2 year in Anchorage at the school for the deaf. It was
absolutely wonderful.
But due to our family being seperated, and all of us being miserable, we
needed, and I mean, we needed to be back together. So, we moved back home
to papa.
So, the school here , well, I mean the teacher she had for 2 1/2 years was
absolutely wonderful. She taught with the help of Interpreter's total
communication. ASL, miming, oral, Signed English, and so on. Sign writing,
no not yet. Its new and confusing for me. I am just looking back into it.
(After the hecticness of advocating for Lindsey's needs, seriuosly. I
definatley would like to learn more and see how Lindsey would grasp at it.
She is such an intelligent and quick learner.
(Secretively, I would really like to write children's books with signing
and braille added to it. There is just not enough out there sadly to say.)
This might be an exciting experience too to try. But, that is a dream that
I have not accomplished as of yet. I have many wonderful ideas, but no
place that I have learned of yet to turn too for help.
As for reading, we began way back when she was a small infant. The saying
goes now, since this school year, Lindsey now reads to her mama at bed
Since Lindsey began preschool, she would come home from school and set up
all her dolls, blankets, pillows, and books, all in a circular setting. She
then would read to them, showing them the pictures, and signing in her baby
signs, and sometimes even would scold a doll for talking too much or not
paying attention. It was absolutely precsious. She still does it to this
very day. So, yes, reading is and has already begun long ago, and is very
important in our family.
But, I need to know more, I need to know how to teach her more in how to
read. How to even pronounce. (She has been blessed with the gift of blab,
as the saying goes, and someday will be able to talk, not clearly like a
hearing person, but will be able to at some degree, as she has already been
/ begun to learn how to pronounce some words, and letters/vowels.)
So, your approach like I mentioned earlier is new, adn if you have the time
to share with me I would love it.
I look forward to reading from you again.
Lindsey's mama-Linda

> From: Lorraine Crespin
> To: SignWriting List
> Subject: Re: Chami
> Date: Thursday, June 01, 2000 8:15 PM
> Hi Linda.
> Welcome!
> I am curious as to where you live and where Lindsey attended school so
> and what means of communication was and is being used at the school and
> home. I assume you live near the ocean (lucky you) as per the Dr.'s
orders to
> walk on the beach (sounds like a wonderful remedy). I am rather
> here in New Mexico. I encourage you to continue engaging her in language
> to also read with her. At her age it could just be looking at books and
> exchanging conversation about them. Most likely she has a favorite that
> will read over and over and over. What do you think about SignWriting?
> Lorraine
> Albuquerque

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