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From:  Dawn Delgado-Arenas
Date:  Fri Jun 9, 2000  1:52 pm
Subject:  Re: Chami

Please remove my name from the sign writing list.
--- Nancy Cole wrote:
> Hello again!
> I'm back for just a short time, but when you come
> back from your camping
> trip. I was also a Deaf counselor for NMBCD (New
> Mexico Baptist Conference
> for the Deaf) and it should be a wonderful
> experience for your daughter to
> attend Deaf Camp, even if there aren't any children
> her age, there is
> language everywhere, and that's the best part!
> LEt me know how it was. We are off to SBCD on June
> 22 till June 27th then
> Family Reunion on July 3rd then my daughter has her
> birthday July 4th (that's
> one I missed!), then we have Deaf Camp July 31 to
> Aug 4th. I think Apache
> Creek is somewhere in there, but I haven't gotten a
> date on that yet, so
> wow!! I get to catch up on chit chat with our
> Deafies! I'm looking forward
> to it! Talking to adult Deaf are sooooo different
> than children, so it's
> rewarding to talk to them besides my hubby!
> I'll be off and on! Oh, I showed the Roswell Deaf
> Community about
> Signwriting, and I think I got them convinced, we
> will see how they get it
> into the educational system there...they are really
> sllllllooooowww!
> Smile
> Nancy Cole
> Las Cruces

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