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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Fri Jun 9, 2000  1:04 am
Subject:  Re: Chami

Hello again!

I'm back for just a short time, but when you come back from your camping
trip. I was also a Deaf counselor for NMBCD (New Mexico Baptist Conference
for the Deaf) and it should be a wonderful experience for your daughter to
attend Deaf Camp, even if there aren't any children her age, there is
language everywhere, and that's the best part!

LEt me know how it was. We are off to SBCD on June 22 till June 27th then
Family Reunion on July 3rd then my daughter has her birthday July 4th (that's
one I missed!), then we have Deaf Camp July 31 to Aug 4th. I think Apache
Creek is somewhere in there, but I haven't gotten a date on that yet, so
wow!! I get to catch up on chit chat with our Deafies! I'm looking forward
to it! Talking to adult Deaf are sooooo different than children, so it's
rewarding to talk to them besides my hubby!

I'll be off and on! Oh, I showed the Roswell Deaf Community about
Signwriting, and I think I got them convinced, we will see how they get it
into the educational system there...they are really sllllllooooowww!

Nancy Cole
Las Cruces

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