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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jun 18, 2000  2:39 am
Subject:  Recognizing each other's roles...

At 12:58 AM +0200 6/18/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Well - Im not sure about that !?? Of course - in the first place I would
>like to learn how to write and how to read movements ! Ok - but what is
>the connection ? What do linguists think about the interdependence of a
>writing system and the comunicated (spoken / signed) system ? SW is not a
>Sign Language ! I have no difficulties with that ----
>But - and that is our daily experience - using SW for writing / expressing
>our signed comunication we inform each other about the meaning of these
>movements. And SW offers a platform to discuss, preserve and document the
>performance of the movements.

SignWriting List
June 17, 2000

Yes, of course. All that you say is true.

For those who are new to the SignWriting List, I think I should
explain that the history of the development of a writing system is
complex. It cannot happen in an instant. Nor can it be done by just
one person.

SignWriting is starting to be used because different professionals
are contributing to its success. I did the original invention, but
since then there have been linguists, members of the Deaf Community,
researchers, interpreters, teachers, and students of signed languages
all contributing to improving the writing system. And many are
members of the SW List.

So if we can recognize each other's roles, it will help a lot.

My role is that of the inventor of the SignWriting symbols
themselves. I am also a movement notator. I am not a linguist, nor am
I a teacher of anything other than my own invention.

So the meanings of the signs have little importance to me. I am
frankly not very interested in the meaning, just as long as I can
pinpoint better ways to write the movements.

But I know it is important to all of just isn't my
expertise. I have never taught any language, nor do I want to...

On the SignWriting List, we have excellent linguists, teachers and
signers who have the knowledge of the languages themselves. They use
the symbols I have invented, and apply those symbols to the languages
they know.

So, when I make a comment about how to write something, my comment
has to do with "movement writing". When other people discuss their
writing, they might prefer to discuss the meaning of what they wrote.
Two different roles....two different subjects...

So by working together, we are all making history!

Val ;-)

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