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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jun 18, 2000  3:21 am
Subject:  contributing SignWriting literature

At 12:58 AM +0200 6/18/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>When I found these beautiful SW-phrases from Charles in my mailbox - I was
>very happy to look very carefully at the signs. I simply tried to move my
>hands according these "movement - descriptions" . The reason that I got so
>involved with it is that I want to learn - -- "to read and write
>movements" Mistakes are our friends. As long as I can find out that
>I misinterpreted a
>movement - instruction - Im happy to proceed in my learning process.

SignWriting List
June 17, 2000

It has nothing to do with mistakes, Stefan. Your reading of the
movements was accurate.

But was accuracy the point?

Charles shared a wonderful document with us. It was a blessing..thank
you Charles ;-)

And I would guess that Charles did not write it to teach others ASL,
but instead wrote it for those who already know my guess
correct, Charles?

And that is fine, either way!

Our List has members from 24 countries, and many List members do not
know ASL. So it is understandable, that the issue of reading "foreign
signs" would come up.

When I am teaching "movement writing"...then we can pick spellings apart.

But I am not sure that others who contribute literature written in
SignWriting, necessarily want to experience that kind of detailed
analysis. They oftentimes just want to share their form of

So I hope that others will continue to post your poems and stories
written in many different signed languages....

Your documents are always welcome!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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