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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Sat Jun 17, 2000  2:59 pm
Subject:  Re: Irish Blessing "peace"

> If I were to write the sign that Charles described, I would have
> written it this way (see attached file). The rotation of the hands is
> written with a general arrowhead - neither left nor right. The
> general arrowhead means that BOTH the hands are moving simultaneouly
> in the direction of the arrow.....Can you read this?
I see that I used the brush sign rather than the rub sign, but all the same
I used a "common" arrow to indicate both hands were moving in the same
direction. I tended to collapse both sets of hands into one, as, for me, if
one starts in the first position, the second position is the logical ending
and then the hands spread out. I suppose to be absolutely accurate, the
right hand arrow at the bottom should have a curve on it to show the hand
turning to be facing down as it moves away. I prefer symmetry in.


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