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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jun 19, 2000  4:58 pm
Subject:  Summer Seminar for New Mexico Teachers


SignWriting List
June 19, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members:

I am pleased to tell you that it appears we will be holding a seminar
this summer for SignWriting teachers from New Mexico.

I have been informed by teachers Cecilia Flood and Lorraine Crespin
that they are making arrangements to come to stay with me from July
20-23rd. And I believe one other teacher is definitely coming. I am
crossing my fingers that all four will arrive at the San Diego
airport on July 20th!

You certainly all are welcome!

And of course I will pick you up at the airport....Just tell me what
time you are arriving....

This will be an historic seminar. It is the first time in history
that SignWriting has been taught in the US public schools over a
semester or more...other classes in the past never continued for any
length of time. So this is an important change, with teachers who are
committed to teach SignWriting well.

And of course, any DAC members in the San Diego area who would like
to drop by, or participate in the seminar, or even help me teach, are
most welcome!

What will be presented?

I am not a teacher of Deaf children. That expertise is already in the
hands of the teachers who are participating.

Instead, I wish to give them a firm foundation in the SignWriting
symbols themselves. We will also practice writing by hand, and typing
by computer.

Here is a possible schedule of classes.....

DAY ONE: July 21st

SignWriting Workshop I: "SignWriting Basics"
Two hour workshop. Introduces basic SignWriting symbols.


SignWriting Workshop II: "Reading Sign Language"
Two hour workshop. Read stories and articles in Sign Language.


SignWriting Workshop III: "SignWriting Handwriting"
Two hour workshop. Learn techniques of writing by hand.

DAY TWO: July 22nd

SignWriting Workshop IV: "Transcribing Signs From Video"
Two hour workshop. Write a short signed sequence from video.


SignWriting Workshop V: "SignWriter Computer Program Basics"
Two hour workshop. A review of commonly used typing techniques.


SignWriting Workshop VI: "Typing A Sign Language Document"
Two hour workshop. Learn to type what you transcribed from video in
Workshop IV.

And inbetween we will have LOTS of fun and sharing!

I hope this plan is agreeable to the teachers?...If not, just tell
me...what would you suggest?

Looking forward to seeing you in July ;-)

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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