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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Tue May 23, 2000  9:33 pm
Subject:  Hello


I'm new to this and thought I would try it out...if I fail ahhh well here
goes....I'm the Deaf Teacher in Las Cruces, and I've been using signwriting.
I'm learning alot as I go along and also my students. Soon, one week left of
school left, so I'll have the whole summer to plan. It's the first time my
kids enjoy writing! It's been super, anyways I still have alot of people to
convince, so it might take me awhile. My boss is so impressed from the
administration office that he wants me to send the order for more materials
for the kids. One day, I was writing the signwriting on the board and he
came up to me and said "What in the world is THAT?" Well, I had to tell him
haha, and he was hooked. Anyways, that was that, and this is now, and I'm
looking forward to the now! So...Big Hello to everyone and bear with me as
I'm a first timer!

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