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From:  Amy Ruberl
Date:  Sun Jun 25, 2000  5:00 pm
Subject:  Re: Cued Speech and SignWriting ;-)

>Since SignWriting can record movement in general, I bet we could
>write the movements of Cued Speech with SignWriting symbols! Want to
>Just write the handshapes used in Cued Speech near the mouth or chest
>as it is done...that would teach all of us how to perform the Cued
>Speech movements...
>If someone can prepare a GIF and attach it to an email message - send
>it to the SignWriting List - we would love to learn how to read it!

What a challenge! Yes, I am sure you could use signwriting to represent
the movements of CS. It would be difficult to decipher in a way, because
mouth shape plays an important part of the message, and each cue has two
mouth shapes needed to decode the consonant then the vowel. I am sure
that sounds confusing, but if you saw someone cue it would make sense.

Perhaps a description if how to cue "moo", like what a cow says in the
USA. You place a flat open hand, fingers together, palm facing the cuer,
on the chin (the tip of the middle finger touching the center of the
chin). Meanwhile your mouth starts out with the lips together (posture
for /m/) then transitions to a "pucker" the posture for the long u sound.
How would you show the transition of mouth shape?

I am a member of this list for my own edification, although I haven't
taken the time to try to learn signwriting other than to be able to
describe it and dispell some myths people have about it. My two sons (2
yrs and 7 months) are keeping me too busy for much independent study. :-)

I will try to create GIFs of all the handshapes and placements for the
list. I think I have them in a file on my computer somewhere.

Amy R.

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